Amazing More

Amazing undercoating

The Auto Protectors undercoat can provide cold weather flexibility. Plastic resins for their durability and adhesion, and tar seals moisture and road salt out.

Amazing rust proof

Amazing rust proofing will spray every existing hole and factory drain plugs and the inside of every accessible panel. This typically covers; hood, fenders, doors, rocker panels, trunks or tailgates.

Amazing fabric guard

Amazing fabric guard allows the fabric to breathe and retain its natural softness. Also, spills will not stain if blotted up promptly.

Amazing Engine

There is nothing better than a clean and nice looking engine bay, especially when you are looking to sale your vehicle in a good value. Our technicians clean and dressing your engine bay carefully so it looks clean and shine.

Amazing leather protection

Amazing leather protection will prevent stains and fading, while keeping the natural matte finish. Leather is a natural, porous material. It breathes, dries out, absorbs moisture, and flexes. Think of leather as a sponge. Without adequate conditioner to fill those pores, the leather with absorb moisture and stains. Our Leather treatment fills those pores to prevent spills, sweat, and other materials from damaging your leather.