Omega 60 is a sophisticated technological coating system that creates an additional layer of protection over a vehicle’s surface. Formulated by American engineers, Omega 60 is manufactured to offer superior endurance against scratches caused by abrasive detergents, and swirls that are frequently produced during conventional wash methods. 

Omega 60 goes above and beyond by forming a film of defense that helps a vehicle’s paint maintain its color, resist airborne contaminants, and generate a high-gloss, showroom appearance. With a unique combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic elements, this formula repels water to create a look that is clear, smooth and clean. 

Omega 60 can be applied to all exterior surfaces, including cars, motorbikes, yachts and bicycles. It is 7H pencil abrasive tested, and quality-made in America, with results lasting up to 36 months. 



Vision 50 is a simple and easy way to retain the appearance of vehicles. With pioneering technology that uses two chemical compounds, this coating produces a hard-wearing hybrid shield that yields an intense gloss and continuous protection on all vehicle exteriors. Vehicles fortified with Vision 50 display features that are essentially indistinguishable from the hard surface of the exterior, making vehicles considerably easier to clean and preserve. 

There are many benefits of using Vision 50. Since it is a high-quality repellant, dust and grime will not adhere to the treated exterior. This reduces the effect pollution and organic contaminants have on marking and staining vehicles, including dust, road salt, spotting and erosion that would usually damage the surface. 

Inspected with a 5H pencil simulated abrasion test, the binding chemical, in combination with the stabilizing chemical, creates a protective film that repels dirt, and leaves a satin finish. 

This product is suitable for cars, boats, motorbikes and bicycles, and works best on dark-colored vehicles. Made in the United States, it is a certifiable product backed by excellence and quality. 



Alfa 45 is a hydrophobic and durable rim coating that easily retains the appearance of a vehicle’s rims. Rims reinforced with Alfa 45 are considerably easier to maintain and do not contain distinct features from ordinary rims. 

There are significant benefits to using Alfa 45. Being an excellent repellent, treated rims are resistant to dust and grime. As such, Rims treated with Alfa 45 are resistant to surface damage, marking, or staining caused by pollution and organic contaminants such as dust, road salt, erosion or spotting. 

Made in the United States, Alfa 45 is certified 4H pencil abrasion tested. The binding chemical contained in Alfa 45 creates a protective film that repels dirt and leaves a glossy finish when combined with its partner, the stabilizing chemical. Simple to apply and resilient, Alfa 45 is the perfect solution for all rims, even painted ones.